Financial Cryptography '99 Registration Form

Financial Cryptography '99 Registration Form

You can register by calling +1 (264) 497-3255, or faxing +1 (264) 497-3801, encrypting with PGP or physically mailing to:

949 Old Ta
The Valley
Anguilla, BWI

If you want to send cash, please use FedEx and keep the tracking code, and maybe even email it to us.

However, we would like to encourage online registration:

  1. Conference - $900
    Conference Academic - $400
    Conference Student - $200

    The above prices reflect an additional $50 charge for payments received after January 1, 1999.
    Registrants paying by electronic money are eligible for a $100 discount ($50 for academic and student registrants).
    Cancellations before February 1, 1999 will be refunded in full. Cancellations after that date will be assessed a 20% cancellation fee.

  2. Full Name:

  3. Address:

  4. Email Address:
  5. Telephone #:
  6. Facsimile #:

  7. Click on the payment method you will use

    Paying by Credit Card

    VISA Mastercard Discover
    Card Number:
    Name on Card:
    Expiration Date:
    Billing Address if different:

    Paying by Wire Transfer

    The money goes through Barclays New York, and then on to Barclays Anguilla. To wire money to us you need all of the following information:
    To:  International Financial Cryptography Association Ltd 
          Account 1407615
          Barclays Bank PLC, Anguilla
          The Valley
          Anguilla, East Caribbean
          +1 (264) 497-2301
    Via:  Barclays Bank PLC, New York
            75 Wall Street
            New York, NY
            ABA No. 026002574
    I have wired the money

    Paying with E-Gold

    Please spend the gold to account: 101137
    E-Gold payment reference number:

    Other Internet Payment System

    URL for joining payment system:

    All info for making a payment to us:

    For any questions or comments about registration send email to